New EP now available - The Garage Sessions - EP One


This is now available. Called the Garage Sessions - why? Well, because some time ago, I commandeered a section of the garage at my home, put up a partition wall, insulated it and installed some basic recording gear. Since then, by trial and error, (a lot of error) I have been learning about recording, mixing, EQ, compression, etc.  I'm still learning. Some of the tracks on this bear the traces (some might say scars) of that learning process – a couple may be “over-produced”, or the reverb laid on with too heavy a hand. For better or worse, they are all my own work. The songs are mine, all instruments are played by me, all vocals are mine, any traces of things you might like are mine, and so are all the mistakes - and there are plenty of those.

I’ve chosen to release this selection as an EP, (EP One) in an effort to stop the process from driving me crazy. Once I put this out, I can stop, draw breath, and work out what’s next, what I learned from doing this, and maybe make different choices for the next set of recordings. With a bit of luck, there’s one or two things on there that have survived the process and are listenable.  It is what it is.

There are 5 tracks: Since Monday, We Have a Visitor, Clydebuilt, Long Time Dead, Nothing To Hide.

Available from me, in person, or I'll send you one for the princely sum of £5.00 (plus P & P if I'm mailing it - £0.79 at time of writing)

You can even pay by PayPal by using one of the links on this page!

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The Garage Sessions - EP One - Update - Download


Some of you may not care for the fuss of acquiring a CD in person or through the mail, so I have uploaded all the tracks from the EP to Bandcamp, and you can access the download at the following link


I chose Bandcamp because they provide the option of downloading in a couple of different formats :MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats.


*** A note about the pricing ***

The price for downloading the complete EP is £4.16 - why? Because bandcamp insist on charging VAT for the transaction (incorrectly, I believe, but whatever..), so I wanted the download price to mirror the price of the physical purchase.

As close as I can work it out, £4.16 plus the VAT is £5. Individual tracks are £1

Anyway, for those who want to download the whole EP, as a small thank you, there's a bonus track.


Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words about the EP.

All the best,