Welcome to Steven Clark Songs.  This is the website for Steven Clark, the songmaker and singer from Glasgow, Scotland. Here you'll find information about my songs, including lyrics, links to audio, occasional blogs, upcoming appearances and other things that seem interesting, intriguing or relevant

About Me:

I'm suspicious of labels and categories, especially when they are applied to me.  Nevertheless, here I am, describing myself as a "singer-songwriter", or more accurately "songmaker/singer".  I've decided that I like Ewan McVicar's description of "making" rather than "writing" songs.  After all, it's not really about how elegantly written it is  - it's all about the singing, the sound and the feelings - and sometimes the music is nicked, and sometimes the words are borrowed - so "making" as opposed to "writing" seems more accurate.   I sing the songs I make.  Sometimes I sing other people's songs too.  I can't really describe my style - couldn't tell you what it is -  but if pressed, I'd say I sound like me, and probably more like me than anyone else does.

I've performed at many folk clubs around Scotland, including  Partick, Dunfermline, Stirling & Stonehouse folk clubs, and Live at the Star in Glasgow, and I'm regularly to be found at singing sessions in and around Glasgow and further afield.

My own songs range over many different subjects - all the way from the philosophical insights afforded by a pigeon, or the restorative properties of Our Other National Drink, to rage about many of the lunacies of our time.